Reshape your digital world

Our smartphones became a natural extension of ourselves, within easy reach.
They hold personal and precious information. We want to protect them but, above all, we want a quick access to our favorite contents. The answer is the WiCUBE Smart folio :
direct access to notifications, screen customization, calls control.

Direct access to your notifications

Super convenient ! You just received a notification ? Tap on the corresponding panel and an animation will prompt you to open the folio and steers you directly into the App.

Never again miss a call !

No need to open your folio to answer or reject a call. A single tap on the notification window is enough.

Differentiate yourself!

Customize your interface by choosing your favorite theme: black, white, colorful, there is something for everyone! Select the Apps you want to first see on your screen.

Quick installation guide

Follow step by step the installation guide below to enjoy all the features of your smart folio WiCUBE.